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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Work at Home business - Social Networking are you really effective?

When I first started my online career I was overwhelmed with the amount of learning to be done and the amount of invites received, to so many different wonderful social networks. My mind and my time were blown away.

I spent hours trying to join every group possible to post my information out to the world. I spent more time networking (or what I thought was networking) then I did on my own business. I spent more time trying to be something I just was not at this place in time. I was a square peg trying to fit into the circular world of the big guys! It’s great to have dreams and to think big, but every business needs to go through a series of stepping stones or growing pains. You must get there one step at a time. It is a very long process and after a long six months of this, I am just now feeling a though I finally have a few connections that are really worth having.

Is this you?
What I have learned over time is in order to truly network and make an impression on people you have to narrow it all down. Pick the networks where you really feel a connection, pick those that are truly going to help you in your business pursuits. Narrow the amount you join so that you can participate in each group effectively.

Throwing your business profile up and posting a few comments here and there will let people know you are alive. Will it really bring your business to the level your expecting? NO! How many sales have you truthfully received from sites you do not frequently visit?

People want and need to build a relationship and trust with someone they are going to buy from or refer others too. You must offer them something and they should have something to offer you. Helping each other is the quickest way to grow your contacts and business.

On sites that you participate and feel the connection, do you not have more relational type contacts? Are these not the people, that will refer people to you? Are these not the people that support you when you need something?

Think about what your trying to accomplish, a business name lost in the networking world, or long lasting relationships that over time will bring you customers again and again.

Wahm addicts may or may not be that place for you, we sure hope we are, but everyone has to find their own places to be comfortable and network effectively.

Which scenario are you?
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