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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Winter humdrums?

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Working hard is not a problem for me. I can easily put my all into any project. Here at WAHM Addicts we have strived to provide a platform for the work at home person to be seen by the public. It is up to them to push themselves to use all that is available to them. Advertising on our main site is a wonderful way to get your products into the limelight. First page google search for wahm is not bad right?

Our Auction house WAHM-Bay is now open that allows you to sell things in the work at home community or to the public as well. It's free until April 15th so why wait? Get those listings in now!

We have directories, top 100 sites, safe lists, free advertising here and there. We blast out our information in groups, we make a presence on various social network sites and we continue.

Our blogs are a great way to get linked up. The most important one being on the main site.
Don't miss out! Get involved.

When old man winter is knocking you down and you just feel you can't do anymore, ask yourself, if I do not push myself a bit further, is this the day I will miss a sale? Do you want to take that chance?

If you need help all you have to do is ask at WAHM Addicts. We would love to help you along.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Addicted to Success? Why Quit!

Brooklyn, New York – February 10. 2009 – Wahm Addicts, has officially re-opened its doors featuring everything from soup to nuts in order to help both men and women truly succeed during this economic slum and beyond! Are you addicted yet? has officially re-opened its doors to a total super site filled with resources to the max, such as Wahm-Bay an auction portal, shopping directory, business directory,classifieds, state-by-state directory, a women’s club, coming soon a men’s club, advertising opportunities, work-at-home opportunities and so much more. Already a success on, Wahm Addicts main site is here to guide anyone to achieve their hopes and dreams with guidance, assistance, and a leadership team that is second to none!

Both Krista Clyburn and Ellen Levinas offer a power house of knowledge and information to anyone that is committed to achieve success in whatever business a person may be involved in. To make matters even better, off line chapters will be started in each state. By doing this anyone has a complete and total avenue of success to walk upon. All of Wahm Addicts sites are incorporated into one large massive portal deemed Wahm Addicts Enterprises, LLC, a true recipe for ultimate success. “We have been preparing for our re-grand opening for some time now.” Both Krista and Ellen said. “It is our extreme pleasure to bring to you a professional site that everyone can utilize in order to achieve exactly what they are looking for.” Krista Clyburn, Founder/Executive Leader,, Ellen Levinas, Partner/Executive Leader

Anyone that joins, which is free, will also be entitled to a free listing in the state directory, and shopping directory in the month of February. Already on the first page of Google, there is no turning back once addicted to success! Needless to say it is encouraged to join the Wahm Addicts social site thereby getting listed on a super site that has only just begun to surface its achievements.

Founded in August 2007, Wahm Addicts and its associated websites are geared towards work-at-home mothers and men for empowerment at its best. More information about Wahm Addicts can be found at and

For additional information contact: Krista Clyburn or Ellen Levinas by sending an email to