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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Work at Home business - Social Networking are you really effective?

When I first started my online career I was overwhelmed with the amount of learning to be done and the amount of invites received, to so many different wonderful social networks. My mind and my time were blown away.

I spent hours trying to join every group possible to post my information out to the world. I spent more time networking (or what I thought was networking) then I did on my own business. I spent more time trying to be something I just was not at this place in time. I was a square peg trying to fit into the circular world of the big guys! It’s great to have dreams and to think big, but every business needs to go through a series of stepping stones or growing pains. You must get there one step at a time. It is a very long process and after a long six months of this, I am just now feeling a though I finally have a few connections that are really worth having.

Is this you?
What I have learned over time is in order to truly network and make an impression on people you have to narrow it all down. Pick the networks where you really feel a connection, pick those that are truly going to help you in your business pursuits. Narrow the amount you join so that you can participate in each group effectively.

Throwing your business profile up and posting a few comments here and there will let people know you are alive. Will it really bring your business to the level your expecting? NO! How many sales have you truthfully received from sites you do not frequently visit?

People want and need to build a relationship and trust with someone they are going to buy from or refer others too. You must offer them something and they should have something to offer you. Helping each other is the quickest way to grow your contacts and business.

On sites that you participate and feel the connection, do you not have more relational type contacts? Are these not the people, that will refer people to you? Are these not the people that support you when you need something?

Think about what your trying to accomplish, a business name lost in the networking world, or long lasting relationships that over time will bring you customers again and again.

Wahm addicts may or may not be that place for you, we sure hope we are, but everyone has to find their own places to be comfortable and network effectively.

Which scenario are you?
The author of this article is Krista Clyburn, you have permission to reprint this article in it's entirety with all links in tact and unaffected. 2008 copyright.

Monday, December 29, 2008

WAHM Addicts Does it again!

How you might ask?

We support the small business and work at home types, while also bringing in shoppers to unite together.

But did you know we support your well being also?

WAHM Addicts, for the New Year 2009 is not only commited to your business well being but to your health! We have started a weight loss or gain challenge! Starting January 2nd, we have teamed up to help each other, motivate, support, give advice and tips on how to lose the weight!

Having a successful life includes being successful and taking care of yourself! It's about balance in every area of your life.

If you would like to join in the challenge and find real support in a very comfortable knowledge area, join us at

We are having contests with wonderful prizes for the biggest lossers!! Join now before it's too late!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Social Site That Rises Above the Bad Economy


The Social Network That Rises Above the Bad Economy

Brooklyn, New YorkDecember 26, 2009 – With the current economic climate being as bad as it is captures the hearts of many while offering a home, friendship, support and numerous resources to its members.

We all know that this very bad economy has turned people into scrooges this year and not by their own doing. People are very frustrated all around and to make matters even worse the new law that has been passed by George W. Bush this past month, The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 or ("CPSIA") is putting many out of business as well. While we all want our children to be safe, businesses that focus on children 12 years of age and under are at risk. So where does Wahm Addicts Social come into play here? While they can not help with what is happening with the economy and new laws being passed, they do offer a wide array of resources, classes, support, friendship, and so much more that it is capturing the attention of many, and with good reason.

Ellen Levinas, Executive Leader and Krista Clyburn, Owner/Executive Leader,, are very compassionate when it comes to helping people. Both of their missions in life are to assist people as best as humanely possible, and that is just what they are doing. This particular social Network has risen above the bad economy by offering individuals unparallel support, resources, a home to go to when things are rough, the tools to create even more business, and the opportunity to find new business ventures if they desire, the list is virtually endless. has grown practically overnight in leaps and bounds. Yes it is completely free to join, but that is not the reason for its growth and success. The Executive team, team leaders and members alike are dedicated to helping one another in more ways than one. "We are so happy to have such a great group of members amongst us." Both Ellen and Krista said. "We are truly a rarity where we see people actually caring about one another, and helping each other. A very special social network to say the least and we are so proud to share it with everyone." Krista Clyburn, Ellen Levinas, Executive Leaders,

Membership does have its privileges, and if someone is looking to join a Social Network with heart, then they will have struck gold with

Founded in 2008, Wahm Addicts Social is dedicated to assisting individuals by providing a vast array of resources, tools and more. Membership is free to anyone. More information about Wahm Addicts Social can be found at

For additional information contact:

Krista Clyburn or Ellen Levinas


Monday, December 22, 2008


Krista Clyburn and Ellen Levinas are so thrilled and proud to introduce to you the tool of the century at: WABizBox.Com! This box rocks, and with very little effort you can collect leads on a weekly basis by just leaving these boxes anywhere that you are premitted to! What could be easier than that?

To make matters even better, the price is right, and you can also purchase a sticky pen, and lead pad, plus you have a huge header available (8.5 x 11) that you can utlize to draw attention...But wait there is more! If you want to get a tad creative you can also decorate your boxes to make them unique to your business/businesses, and it also has a side pocket for your business cards as well! Grab one or grab as many as you need, leave them at doctors offices, nail salons, candy stores, the list is endless and then just pick up your box full of leads full of prospects! It just can't get any easier than that! A great way to market, advertise and acquire new and potential customers off line, with hardly any effort!

WA Biz Box
The Box that Rocks all the Way to New Customers!
It's ALL in the Box!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just Released!

A review of WAHM Addicts Social Network for Work at Home Women, Men, and Shoppers too

The work at home women and men network is a unique site where work at home women, men and shoppers alike, can meet and connect with one another. The site is full of great people that want to network with other like minded people. Everyone contributes to the site in one way or another. Everyone is so eager to help.

The site is becoming increasingly popular across the internet and is emerging as one of the premier sites to be a part of. With the economy the way it is people are realizing more than ever just how important it is to help one another.

The site features blogs, forums, your own page with your own url, e-mail address, a place to post videos and a place to post your events. There is also a place where one can gain some real world working knowledge of internet marketing. It’s called WAHM Addicts University. One can register for classes and really learn some techniques that will have your business out there and noticed in no time flat.

I really like the WAHM Addict’s mission statement. The WAHM Addicts mission statement reads: To provide women and men a complete business network. We are passionate in helping those who need advice, tips, and direction for their business. We are committed in offering you the best prices on advertising and helping you to seek out free and inexpensive ways to get your names out to the public. We are committed in bringing the public to your business. We are committed in helping you succeed in your business and personal life. This is a mission statement that the site was founded on and lives by.

The site was founded by Krista Clyburn and she is one woman that leads by example. Krista’s executive leadership and extraordinary vision have the site sitting on a solid foundation poised for some awesome growth. This is one site that everyone is proud to be a member of.

Most social sites are a spam fest for lack of better words. Well you won’t find that here at WAHM Addicts. Yes everyone has a business, and yes everyone would like to have you in their business or buy their products but this site is not solely about that. This site is a site where people can truly connect and help one another out.

When was the last time random members of a social site that you belonged to made public blog posts that were solely geared towards helping all the sites members without asking for anything in return? We have some truly dedicated members & leaders that really care about the sites members and the growth of their businesses.

Knowledge and leadership given unconditionally and purely of the heart! That’s what makes WAHM Addicts social site different from all the other social sites out there on the internet.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

With a New Year Approaching, New life is blooming in WAHM Addicts

New Year! New Life!

WAHM Addicts is just blooming these days! Why?

We have members who are women and men who own small businesses, and Shoppers to come together to meet the needs of the public demand for products!

We have jumped closley to 500 members!

We are launching our brand new WAU - Wahm Addicts University in January! We are extremely excited with this launch. We offer everyone who is starting or owns a small business online classes to help them succeed in the areas that can be so very confusing!

All our classes are offered and taught by experts in their field or are certified in their fields.

The quality is high, the courses are set up step by step to create an easy to follow educational experience!

Unconfuse your internet world by receiving classes that are full of quality, knowledge, experience, and low low costs!

The next flower to bloom is our launch of WA Biz Box! We will be unveiling this next week and I do not want to say more right now, but wow, this is an amazing tool for anyone who needs leads and a following!

As always, our hearts are pure in offering all our members the best that we can provide in support, resources, low cost advertising, and so much more! Join our network, it's free!

Shoppers come join us as a shopping member! We don't spam! You will find wonderful unique products, and great deals!

We would love to have you!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008




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