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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Social Site That Rises Above the Bad Economy


The Social Network That Rises Above the Bad Economy

Brooklyn, New YorkDecember 26, 2009 – With the current economic climate being as bad as it is captures the hearts of many while offering a home, friendship, support and numerous resources to its members.

We all know that this very bad economy has turned people into scrooges this year and not by their own doing. People are very frustrated all around and to make matters even worse the new law that has been passed by George W. Bush this past month, The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 or ("CPSIA") is putting many out of business as well. While we all want our children to be safe, businesses that focus on children 12 years of age and under are at risk. So where does Wahm Addicts Social come into play here? While they can not help with what is happening with the economy and new laws being passed, they do offer a wide array of resources, classes, support, friendship, and so much more that it is capturing the attention of many, and with good reason.

Ellen Levinas, Executive Leader and Krista Clyburn, Owner/Executive Leader,, are very compassionate when it comes to helping people. Both of their missions in life are to assist people as best as humanely possible, and that is just what they are doing. This particular social Network has risen above the bad economy by offering individuals unparallel support, resources, a home to go to when things are rough, the tools to create even more business, and the opportunity to find new business ventures if they desire, the list is virtually endless. has grown practically overnight in leaps and bounds. Yes it is completely free to join, but that is not the reason for its growth and success. The Executive team, team leaders and members alike are dedicated to helping one another in more ways than one. "We are so happy to have such a great group of members amongst us." Both Ellen and Krista said. "We are truly a rarity where we see people actually caring about one another, and helping each other. A very special social network to say the least and we are so proud to share it with everyone." Krista Clyburn, Ellen Levinas, Executive Leaders,

Membership does have its privileges, and if someone is looking to join a Social Network with heart, then they will have struck gold with

Founded in 2008, Wahm Addicts Social is dedicated to assisting individuals by providing a vast array of resources, tools and more. Membership is free to anyone. More information about Wahm Addicts Social can be found at

For additional information contact:

Krista Clyburn or Ellen Levinas


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