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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

With a New Year Approaching, New life is blooming in WAHM Addicts

New Year! New Life!

WAHM Addicts is just blooming these days! Why?

We have members who are women and men who own small businesses, and Shoppers to come together to meet the needs of the public demand for products!

We have jumped closley to 500 members!

We are launching our brand new WAU - Wahm Addicts University in January! We are extremely excited with this launch. We offer everyone who is starting or owns a small business online classes to help them succeed in the areas that can be so very confusing!

All our classes are offered and taught by experts in their field or are certified in their fields.

The quality is high, the courses are set up step by step to create an easy to follow educational experience!

Unconfuse your internet world by receiving classes that are full of quality, knowledge, experience, and low low costs!

The next flower to bloom is our launch of WA Biz Box! We will be unveiling this next week and I do not want to say more right now, but wow, this is an amazing tool for anyone who needs leads and a following!

As always, our hearts are pure in offering all our members the best that we can provide in support, resources, low cost advertising, and so much more! Join our network, it's free!

Shoppers come join us as a shopping member! We don't spam! You will find wonderful unique products, and great deals!

We would love to have you!

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