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Saturday, March 21, 2009



Wahm Addicts Will let Anyone Win the Jackpot! But like the Lotto You got to be in it to Win.

Brooklyn, New York – March 21, 2009. Wahm Addicts starts its giveaway kick off on Saturday, March 21, 2009, with a jackpot full of merchandise stemming from electronic products to hand made items! A sure fire way to capture the attention of many that support the work-at-home business sector and beyond.
Wahm Addicts in conjunction with Doodlebug & Peanut Creations, a premier childrens and baby online store; decided that it was time to step it up and truly support the work-at-home business sector by putting together a huge giveaway valued at over $3,100.00. The goal is to bring together those that are working at home and unite them together for a greater good. There is no purchase requirement for this giveaway at all, and anyone can enter at this location:

This giveaway kickoff will run from March 21, 2009 all the way through July 3,2009, with the winners being drawn on July 4th. Two, lucky winners will win either the business package or the family package, but rest assured that any winner will really have something to celebrate on this coming July 4, 2009. “Since economy has yet to be stabilized, people everywhere, from all walks of life, and all kinds of businesses have been hit hard both online and offline.” Ellen and Krista said. “The time has come to step it up a bit, and really support the work-at-home business sector, with something to look forward to; to unite everyone; shop from one another, and most importantly support each other in times of hardship. Tired of the doom and gloom the world is talking about, it was time to work differently. It is not about us, it is about everyone out there working harder than ever to achieve success. We are a work-at-home community that is giving back and giving to each other, you just can’t get much better than this.” Ellen Levinas, Executive Team Leader/Partner, Krista Clyburn, Founder,

If you want to win, and win big, all anyone has to do is enter. Giveaways take place all of the time, but not on a grand scale such as this one. Just like lotto you got to be in it to win, and with no purchase requirement, anyone has a chance to win this Jackpot!

For additional information contact:
Krista Clyburn

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wahm Addicts IS Different, Why?

Wahm Addicts IS Different, Why?

By Ellen Levinas, MVA

If you take Networking, combine that with the new social media wave, and then add in a family that is committed, and united to succeed you have a recipe for success, and that recipe is none other than Wahm Addicts, or work-at home moms and men that are addicted to succeed!

The work-at-home arena has drastically increased throughout the years, and even more so now; thus, we had the age of Networking, and now what is called Social Media, does it work? Yes it does, but not without the right people that are willing, able, and committed to one another in more ways than one. All to often we see people joining many different avenues because of the "me, me" aspect. What does this mean? It means while everyone is of course wanting and needing to make a living, there is no giving of oneself to help others. Everything, in other words, is all about the "me" and not about helping or guiding someone else. There is no secret in that if you give from your heart you will get back ten times over, but with Wahm Addicts it is my personal opinion that the "me" factor is limited, there is more of the "what can we do for you" aspect than anything else. Does that make us different? You bet it does!

Not only do we assist work-at-home moms and men, we also provide a platform to support individuals, give advice, find the best resources out there and share them, shop from one another, and a host of other things! Wahm Addicts is geared to support the work- at-home-person in ALL aspects, not to mention the new found friendships that have stemmed, or will form from all of the hard work and effort associated with Wahm Addicts. In reality Wahm Addicts aims to please the very significant American work-at-home person, and it does not matter why type of businesses that they are involved in. Could be home crafters, direct-sellers, or car mechanics, if we can help you we will, and if we must look for answers to help, we will do that too. Wahm Addicts goal is to provide a one stop platform where all can learn from one another, help each other to where it is mutually beneficial for all, but more often than not, we put the information out there to help everyone be the very best that they can be. So again I ask, are we different? YES, we most certainly are! We welcome all to join us and to benefit from what we have to offer with a multitude of different sites that will fit everyone's needs.

So what are YOU waiting for? The time is right, the time is now, and the help is there for the taking!

Remember to give, and you shall receive.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Feeling Fine During The Recession, But Why?

Feeling Fine During The Recession, But Why?
by Ellen Levinas, MVA

Although times are tough for just about everyone, there is one place where a "family" so-to-speak of work at home moms and men are united to help beat these recession blues. is a social Networking site that has far surpassed most of the other Networking sites out there, as their mission is to unite everyone in one major platform and help those in need of guidance, or those that need help staying afloat in hard times. Is it working, yes it is! Boasting a full leadership staff, and tons of groups stemming from shopping all the way to free reprint articles and more, individuals can find what they need when they need it, making it very easy to learn, ask questions, get answers, and become a part of a family second to none in the social Networking arena. Simply put this group does not give up, and quitting is never an option! Those that do not quit will ultimately prevail with assistance from this Networking group! Even if someone is a newcomer to the work at home field, you can get advice and assistance from this Network. So what's the catch? There is none! Anyone is welcome to join freely! You just can't get much better than that! Join today completely for free, and reap the rewards! Beat those recession blues where staying positive is mandatory!