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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just Released!

A review of WAHM Addicts Social Network for Work at Home Women, Men, and Shoppers too

The work at home women and men network is a unique site where work at home women, men and shoppers alike, can meet and connect with one another. The site is full of great people that want to network with other like minded people. Everyone contributes to the site in one way or another. Everyone is so eager to help.

The site is becoming increasingly popular across the internet and is emerging as one of the premier sites to be a part of. With the economy the way it is people are realizing more than ever just how important it is to help one another.

The site features blogs, forums, your own page with your own url, e-mail address, a place to post videos and a place to post your events. There is also a place where one can gain some real world working knowledge of internet marketing. It’s called WAHM Addicts University. One can register for classes and really learn some techniques that will have your business out there and noticed in no time flat.

I really like the WAHM Addict’s mission statement. The WAHM Addicts mission statement reads: To provide women and men a complete business network. We are passionate in helping those who need advice, tips, and direction for their business. We are committed in offering you the best prices on advertising and helping you to seek out free and inexpensive ways to get your names out to the public. We are committed in bringing the public to your business. We are committed in helping you succeed in your business and personal life. This is a mission statement that the site was founded on and lives by.

The site was founded by Krista Clyburn and she is one woman that leads by example. Krista’s executive leadership and extraordinary vision have the site sitting on a solid foundation poised for some awesome growth. This is one site that everyone is proud to be a member of.

Most social sites are a spam fest for lack of better words. Well you won’t find that here at WAHM Addicts. Yes everyone has a business, and yes everyone would like to have you in their business or buy their products but this site is not solely about that. This site is a site where people can truly connect and help one another out.

When was the last time random members of a social site that you belonged to made public blog posts that were solely geared towards helping all the sites members without asking for anything in return? We have some truly dedicated members & leaders that really care about the sites members and the growth of their businesses.

Knowledge and leadership given unconditionally and purely of the heart! That’s what makes WAHM Addicts social site different from all the other social sites out there on the internet.

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