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Monday, December 22, 2008


Krista Clyburn and Ellen Levinas are so thrilled and proud to introduce to you the tool of the century at: WABizBox.Com! This box rocks, and with very little effort you can collect leads on a weekly basis by just leaving these boxes anywhere that you are premitted to! What could be easier than that?

To make matters even better, the price is right, and you can also purchase a sticky pen, and lead pad, plus you have a huge header available (8.5 x 11) that you can utlize to draw attention...But wait there is more! If you want to get a tad creative you can also decorate your boxes to make them unique to your business/businesses, and it also has a side pocket for your business cards as well! Grab one or grab as many as you need, leave them at doctors offices, nail salons, candy stores, the list is endless and then just pick up your box full of leads full of prospects! It just can't get any easier than that! A great way to market, advertise and acquire new and potential customers off line, with hardly any effort!

WA Biz Box
The Box that Rocks all the Way to New Customers!
It's ALL in the Box!

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