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Friday, October 31, 2008


Wahm short for work-at-home-mother, or mom has a dual meaning at wahm addicts social site now! What is it you may be wondering? WORK-AT-HOME-MEN! Men are now allowed, and are very welcome to join our social networking site! THIS IS A WONDERFUL THING! We never really excluded men, but with the advent of the word "wahm" it was thought that only women were welcome, but now that has all changed!

Wahm Addicts wants to provide everyone with a social site that is already off the charts! We want to include everyone into the mix to where people can really get to know each other from all walks of life and gender! Get ready to ROCK AND ROLL WITH WORK-AT-HOME MOTHER'S AND WORK-AT-HOME MEN!

To join us completely for free click here:

We look forward to having everyone join us!

Krista Clyburn
Jean Tyler
Ellen Levinas
and the Wahm Addicts Team

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