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Friday, October 17, 2008


WAHM Addicts Can Surely Satisfy Your Craving!

Brooklyn, New York – [October 17, 2008] – Wahm Addicts can get you addicted to their new social Networking site by giving its members, comprised of work-at-home mothers, a free Networking forum and resources. Yes there is an addiction!

Owners Krista Clyburn and Jean Tyler have joined forces with Ellen Levinas, owner of to bring to you Wahm Addicts,, a wonderful resource site and their now new social Networking site,, which is geared completely towards work at home mothers. A Wahm, short for work-at-home mother or mom was always a big part of the Internet world, but now that economy is surely not at its best, we are seeing more and more work at home mothers come into the online environment on an everyday basis. The “Net” is becoming filled with people that are seeking to make an income or an extra income now more than ever. With these three very strong willed women that pack a power house of knowledge and experience, you can be sure that they are doing everything humanely possible to help fulfill the cravings or needs of these new work-at-home mothers, as well as other WAHM’s.

All three women are very experienced in many different business ventures, past or present, whether it be Web site creation, marketing and/or Networking, thus the three heads are better than one effect surely works very well in this particular instance. Krista Clyburn’s true passion is to provide women who work at home, the empowerment, motivation, and desire to succeed in their lives both professionally and personally, as shown by Ms. Clyburn’s first business venture,, which is a diaper cake and baby gifts business. “If I can succeed from the ground up starting with my fabulous diaper cake business and expand to helping all work at home moms, anyone can, if they light that fire and passion within them.” Krista Clyburn - Executive Leader, “All three of us are work at home mothers, and have been involved in this area for quite some time, we want to help women become the very best that they can be, and we believe that it is totally possible.” Jean Tyler - Executive Leader, “It is our hope and goal to be able to provide work-at-home mothers with a safe haven, or home if you will, and to have them belong to a team of women that have the same visions, goals and desires.” Ellen said, “Our social Networking site has definitely flown off the charts with new members, and we will continue to provide them with the resources and assistance that they need and deserve.” Ellen Levinas - Executive Leader,,

The Wahm Addicts social Networking site is completely free to join, while providing numerous amounts of resources to choose from including discussions, contests, online festivals, teamwork, and so much more. Their slogan says it all, “We Satisfy the Craving” because once you join you do not want to leave, and new members are joining on an everyday basis. While other Social Networking sites might charge you a membership fee for the same thing, Wahm Addicts does not. It works, it’s addicting, and it’s completely free!

Founded in August 2007, Wahm Addicts and its associated websites are geared towards work-at-home mothers and empowerment at its best. More information about Wahm Addicts can be found at

For additional information contact: Krista Clyburn or Jean Tyler by sending an email to


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