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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do You Have a Craving for...

SUCCESS? If you sincerely have a craving for success then you have surely come to the right place! Wahm Addicts can, and will help YOU succeed, because we are here for you every step of the way, but first, let's define what a WAHM is!

According to a WAHM study, source stated below, this is the definition of a WAHM:

WAHM Defined

April 22nd, 2008

Although its easy to say what WAHM stands for (Work At Home Mom), it’s a little bit harder to define exactly what WAHM means. After searching the Internet for a clear definition, we decided to come up with one of our own. For purposes of this site, a WAHM is the following:

A mom, with children of any age who are dependent on her, who earns some amount of income working at a job in which the primary amount of work time is spent based in the home.

This is definitely a broad statement. It does not stipulate the number of hours the mom has to work or how much she has to make. It also doesn’t require that the mom own her own business (which some other people do require in the definition).

The types of “jobs” that fit into the definition are extremely varied. Examples include moms who telecommute for corporations, moms who run home party businesses, and moms who run whole companies out of their homes. The definition of “WAHM” is only limited by the mom’s imagination.

In the coming months, we will endeavor to flesh out more how others define WAHM.

As you most certainly can see the actual "job" description a WAHM is very broad in its nature.

Here is another definition which includes the WAHP, or Work at Home Parent:

A work at home parent is an entrepreneur who works from home and integrates parenting into his or her business activities. They are sometimes referred as WAHM (work at home mom) or WAHD (work at home dad).

Entrepreneurs choose to run businesses from home for a variety of reasons, including lower business expenses, personal health limitations, eliminating commuting or in order to have a more flexible schedule. This flexibility can give an entrepreneur more options when planning tasks, business and non-business, including parenting duties. While some home-based entrepreneurs opt for childcare outside the home, others integrate child rearing into their work day and workspace. The latter are considered work-at-home parents.

Many WAHPs start home-based businesses in order to care for their children while still creating income. The desire to care for one's own children, the incompatibility of a 9-to-5 work day with school hours or sick days, and the expense of childcare prompt many parents to change or leave their job in the workforce in order to be available to their children. Many WAHPs build a business schedule that can be integrated with their parenting duties.

So what is the point of all of this you may be wondering. Simple Wahm Addicts, including our Wahm Addicts social site is geared toward the WAHM in all aspects. It is our mission and goal to help YOU succeed, and become the very best that you can be. Not everyone actually knows what a WAHM is, although they could be one! So we are taking it from the top in explaining everything in great detail. There are millions of WAHM's out there just like all of us that want to be part of team, they just do not know where to look.

Are you a WAHM? If you are, do not hesitate to join us! Our Social Networking site is completely free to join, filled with resources, ideas and more coming on a daily basis.

We welcome you to join us!

Krista Clyburn
Jean Tyler
Ellen Levinas
and the Wahm Addicts Team

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